Health Plan Snapshot

Welcome to HR & Benefit Solutions “Plan Snapshot”, health plan assessment.  By answering the questions below you will give us a snapshot of your current plan so we have some basic information to work with.  These questions will also bring light to some of the tools that many of the high performance health plans have implemented as cost containment measures. 

Plan Snapshot is a scaled down version of the Health Rosetta Plan Grader™.  The first comprehensive independent plan assessment to measure and improve your health plan stategy. It’s 360 degree health plan risk assessment provides actionable insights to create an effective 3-5 years strategy to lower costs and improve benefits.  It’s 40 questions take a deep dive into your health plan and gives a number score grade of the 8 components of your health plan.  

If there are questions below you are not sure how to answer, just leave them blank for now. We can talk with you and help you figure out the correct answers as needed.  Once you have completed the questions hit the submit button at the bottom of the page.  We will reach out to you on the next business day. Or you can email us at with your questions.

What do I get?

The end result of the Plan Grade process is an overall score, plus an additional  8 scores in different categories within the plan. You will be able to see how your plan compares to national norms.  What the Plan Grade really buys you:

  •  Peace of mind that your plan is meeting the needs of you organization or not.
  • Detailed information about your plan that shows strengths or weaknesses.
  • Professional input regarding your design.
        • A thorough consideration of the variables involved and actions necessary to get the plan you need.
      • Each Plan Grade takes into consideration whether you are fully insured, (Anthem, UHC, Cigna, Aetna), level funded, or self funded.

Our Guarantee To You


We want to make sure that you are happy with the services we performed. We are offering a 100% money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

What is the plans funding mechanism

Do you currently have a 2-3 year health plan strategy?

Do you currently have unrestricted access to full claims data (not just reports)?

How does your health plan incentivize members to seek lower-cost and/or higher-quality care? (Select all that apply)

What types of human support do members have access to through the plan? (Select all that apply)

Does your current Broker/Advisor completely disclose all direct and indirect compensation in a timely manner?

Does the health plans Insurer or Third-Party Administrator (TPA) allow the Plan Sponsor to select its Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM)?

Which major specialty area(s) does the plan have specific strategies and programs for? (Select all that apply)

What types of add-in pharmacy programs and strategies does the plan leverage? (Select all that apply)

What Value Based Primary Care strategies does the plan employ? (Select all that apply)